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Fethiye Paragliding School


Fethiye Paragliding

Fethiye yamaç paraşütü için Ölüdeniz deki en iyi ekiplesiniz.

+15 years of paragliding experience and now we share with you all our good feelings, experience and sincerity. With years of experience and passion within us, we take you to the sky without any training and allow you to experience all the beauties that paragliding has to offer. Fethiye Paragliding School is the most privileged paragliding team in Oludeniz.

Fethiye paragliding flights are made every day from Babadag.

Height: 1969 Meters

Activity duration: 2 Hours

Maximum weight: 115KG
Minimum age: 4

Paragliding hours: 8:30 10:30 13:00 15:00 and 17:00

Parachute take-off place: Babadag

Paragliding landing place: Oludeniz

Why should paragliding be done with us?

Long flight

A typical Fethiye Paragliding flight takes approximately 25 minutes. However, in our flights, we promise +15 minutes longer flights upon the request of our guests.

Family flights

We don't even separate you in the air, we bring our paragliders side by side during our flight, and we even walk on the parachutes. Enjoy this unlimited freedom.

Surprises – Offers

Gift a paraglider to someone you love, or even surprise them with a cake or candle in the air, or make a marriage proposal to your loved one with a banner or a ring in the air. Moreover, Fethiye is in Oludeniz

Paragliding flip

If paragliding from Babadag is not enough for you, we have surprises that will really take your breath away. G force is waiting for you at the security borders, completely according to your wishes.

New equipment

Our paragliding equipment is renewed every year. Our camera equipment is the product of current technology. This allows you to have beautiful images from many angles.

+15 Years of experience

Our paragliding instructors have a minimum of +10 years of experience. Each of them is licensed by THK. We plan and complete this already safe sport in a way that leaves no doubt in your mind.

fethiye yamaç paraşütü eğitimi

Paragliding training

Our paragliding trainings are held in Fethiye. It takes 10 days – it includes: theoretical training, ground training with paragliding, tandem paragliding from Babadağ and solo flights under radio control.

yamaç paraşütü online test soruları cevapla uçabilirmisin öğren

Paragliding test

Yamaç paraşütü yapabilir misin? Soruları cevapla yamaç paraşütü yapabilir misin öğren. Fethiye yamaç paraşütü Türkiye deki diğer yamaç paraşütü bölgelerine kıyasla biraz daha yüksektir 🙂

yamaç paraşütü kadın pilot

Parachute female instructor

For our guests who want a female instructor, we have a female paragliding pilot. You can fly with them by making an early reservation. The maximum passenger weight for female instructors is 80 kilos.

Oludeniz Paragliding

Fethiye paragliding school gives you the best Oludeniz paragliding flight!

Parangliding and Fethiye

You can access many articles about Fethiye paragliding, Babadag and Oludeniz.
Yamaç Paraşütü Tarihi

Yamaç Paraşütü Tarihi; Genel olarak anlatmak gerekirse Yamaç paraşütü İlk olarak 1980’li yılla…

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You should know!

About Fethiye paragliding
Paragliding weight and height limit?

In our tandem paragliding flights, we have separate weight limits for men and women. Our weight limit for male guests is 110 kg, and for female guests it is 90 kg. We do not have a minimum weight limit. These restrictions are representative, our guests who exceed the limit can contact us and find out whether they can paraglide by evaluating their height etc. The height limit is maximum 2 metres.

What should I bring with me?

You must bring shoes on our paragliding flights. Additionally, you can bring glasses and a jacket depending on the season.

How should I dress?

We advise our female guests not to wear skirts, as skirts cause problems for the seating equipment connection, which we call harnesses. Apart from that, you can dress however you want.

Can I make a parachute by myself?

In order to paraglide alone, you need to receive long-term training. You can review the requirements on our training page. However, you do not need any training for the double paragliding experience, which we call Tandem paragliding.

Is there a spare parachute?

It is mandatory to carry a spare parachute in our Oludeniz paragliding flights. Our equipment also has a spare parachute and is maintained regularly.

Can pregnant women paraglide?

They absolutely cannot.

Are there any female paragliding instructors?

We have female instructors, but you should book early as there are very few female instructors. The maximum weight limit for our female trainers is 80.

Fethiye paragliding price 2024

Camera shots are optional

Yamaç paraşütü 4.900 TL

National park entrance fee



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